The great McBee monsoon campout of 2019 is finished. The weather was decidedly fluffy – with over an inch of rain each day, howling winds, wolves crossing the river, dog and cats – living together, and mud-mud-mud.

The brave, pioneering participants were: Machelle in Willy Nilly, Josh and Tina in Westley, Matt and family in their possibly unnamed yellow vanagon, Aaron and Angie in their ’79 Westy, John in Leopold, Chad in his splitty, and Derrick in his Sprinter Airstream Freightliner uber hauler large-mobile palace love-shack of love. We’ll call it “Boom-chikka-bow-bow”

It was rugged and rough, but we managed – somehow – with the camp latte maker, propane oven for making muffins and corn bread, and a taco bar on saturday. Oh, the privations we do suffer in the OBC.

Saturday we figured we the day should basically be an OBC meeting and as such, minutes should be taken. Here are those minutes taken very much at random and completely out of context:

Tina: “It’ll burn”

Machelle: “Still responsible. Cut the cod”

Aaron: “The ashes bored a hole”

Tina: (laughs maniacally)

Machelle: “It’s comin’ down hard. The onions are weak” <giggles> “I hear my name”

Josh: “Ungawa!” (heroically smites rock with stick)

Machelle: “Hears all”

Brandon: “Needs his taters”

Derrick: “That’s some beef”

Josh: (embarks on super happy long journey all the way around the fire for kiss from Tina)

Tina: “I peed twice”

Machelle: “That was really soggy”

John: “Close the lid”

Angie: “I’m not that curious”

Tina: “Keepin’ the river flowin'”

Brandon: “I pass on gas”

Angie: “We slid on our butts”

Machelle: “The cod is done”

Angie: “It happens”

Machelle: “The cod is good. Mmmmmmm”

Brandon: “I was worried Machelle would hear me”

Tina: “Things I don’t use at all”

Josh: “Everything’s stuck to it”

Brandon: “2 vehicles for a truck”

Aaron: “Superbowl ring”

Derrick: “He’s way into that stick”

Machelle: “Get the hell out and go do something”

John: “The granite gives off quite a bit of background”

Brandon: “Don’t be a drama queen, bro”

Tina: “He’ll just fluff your bed and make it warm”

Angie: “Nutter butters are never bad”

One of Matts kids: “It’s the easiest thing in the world”

Josh: “Maybe he got eaten in half”

Everyone: “Now grab it”

Josh: “I ate another one”

Machelle: “You did that already”

Derrick: “Do yall see what I see?”

Aaron: “I don’t know what’s wrong with me”

Machelle: “Wow”

Matt: “This tastes blue”

Machelle: “It’s a burning goat”

Matts son: “It’s another reason to charge your phone”

Tina: “Not so much wood”

John: “It was closer”

Derrick: “That’s how Tina makes peoples hair look”

John: “Tina is unrelenting”

Machelle: “It’s scarey in the dark”

Brandon: “My drunken behavior is vegan”

Josh: “You want it?”

Tina: “It was too long”

Josh: “Look at the patina”

Tina: (giggles) “Lemme see it”

Derrick: “Tempting”

Josh: “Don’t wear the tip down”

Tina: “That hurt”

One of Matts daughters: “That’s what she said”

Angie: “It’s about to happen”

Tina: “Woman with spear”

Angie: “She’s out there”

Brandon: “It’s a 3-step process”

Tina: “Josh’s loving embrace”

Brandon: “Swan dive into the fire”

Josh: “I wanted to cuddle”

Derrick: “I ran out of juice”

Angie: “That fish weighed 20 lbs”

Aaron: “Do you feel me breathing?”

Angie: “I was smart”

Tina: “He dumped it”

Aaron: “My memory is working!!”

Brandon: “My boot almost came off”

Angie: “That’s a lot of missing people”

Machelle: “Have a certified mechanic look at it”

Aaron: “I’d cheat a little”

John: “We gave him too many choices”

Josh: “They’re fluffy”

Aaron: “I need to hold a stick”

Brandon: “We’ll see what that does in reverse”

Tina: “Better than poop”

John: “Oooooo guacamole”

Matt: “It was an offering for the fire”

Brandon: “you made tea?”

Aaron: “I was pretty excited”

Tina: “Rub it in”

Angie: “I wanna be the lunch gitter”

Tina: “First in, first out”

Brandon: “I’m not dependable”

Stay tuned as this post develops and as photos become available.

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