There ah wuz, a-sittin’ on mah porch wit mah squirt bottle o’clorox. I hears that clorox will make the covid go a-runnin so ah keeps a squirt bottle handy.

Anyhoo, ah heerd a scrabblin’ out yonder in the street and thar it wuz.

The Covid!

Ugly critter. Face his mammy would go an say…. nyuppp… not mine. Ah thought… well dang… maybe ah could get mahself a peekchure of that thar covid fer them fact filled mag-a-zeens ya see at the grocery checkout. Maybe get the peekchure alongside Bat Boy. Ah surely knowed that ah wanted to give the critter a good squirt from my clorox bottle. Dang covid!

But.. afore I could git a peekchure or give that thar ugly critter a squirt from my clorox bottle, it hissed at me and skeedaddled on down the storm drain.

Yall keep yalls self a squirt bottle o-clorox handy in case the covid comes a-rummaging ’round yalls place.

It looked kinda sorta not a lot like this

Dang covid.

Oh yeah, yall vote fer Bat Boy fer President in 2020

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