We are a loose affiliation of VW loving folk mostly in the Eugene / Springfield, OR area who enjoy the company of one another, love our V-dubs, and go camping at every opportunity.

There are no dues and very few requirements to be a member – to whit:

  • Be a nice person
  • At least have a liking of old V-dubs (you don’t have to have one)
The Herd

When we travel about, we tend to go in a herd. Our vehicles are 40 years old on average and breakdowns do occur. “The Herd Provides” is our motto and we look out for and take care of our own. What’s more cool than a whole caravan of V-dubs headed to wherever?



CAMPING!! We love camping! We are rough and rugged and ready to take on the privations that come our way with our bus heaters, camp stoves, propane ovens and mimosas on tap. Our pioneer ancestors had their Conestoga wagons and we have our Volkswagens. We strive to be good stewards of the places at which we camp and leave them better than we found. Our campouts are typically pet friendly but ensure your pet is well mannered and will get along with the others if allowed to roam.

Come and join us. If you don’t have a V-dub, that okay. We can help you find one if you wish.